PFS Neocon Experience

PFS Neocon Experience | PFS Neocon Experience | Professional Flooring Supply

Responses from 2018 Winners:

“Cori and Meredith are both so laid-back, but on top of everything. It felt like the trip was really relaxed and not as formally structured as some vendor trips I've been on in the past (which was really nice!). Everyone could see/do what they wanted, and also enjoy time together as a group. Great planning, great competition, and great company!“

“I love how accommodating PFS is! I also really enjoy the friendly service!”

Responses from 2017 Winners:

“This trip was definitely an EXPERIENCE! You never know what to expect when you're invited to something like this. It was an incredible time spent with incredible people. The planning was so thoughtful to be such a great balance between business, social and solo time in the city of Chicago and at Neocon, which was basically it's own world during those days! Thank you so much for hosting a terrific time! My new blisters, extra 3 pounds and designer self are so grateful!“

“Please know that I am still so grateful to have been given this opportunity. I think it is awesome that y'all provide this competition. I was able to make a trip that wouldn't have been feasible on my own and also have lots of one-on-one time with your company to share thoughts or concerns. I hope that to offer this NeoCon Experience for other individuals to enjoy. To sum everything up: this trip was GREAT and your team is AMAZING.”

Responses from 2016 Winners:

“I had a wonderful time and a productive one. I cannot thank PFS enough for the trip, and I enjoyed so much meeting everyone and spending time with you all.“

“This was the most fun I have had on a product-hosted trip!! Really enjoyed getting to know everyone and the activities were so much fun.”

Responses from 2015 Winners:

"It was such a great trip. Great balance between work related learning, and networking; group fun, and time for individual fun/city exploring. You guys were such a blast, and made it feel like we had all known each other for much longer than we really had. Thank you so much for your flexibility too, in letting us arrive early so we could see family and make even more of the trip to Chicago. I really had a Great Time!"

"Such a fabulous trip. So well organized, very relaxing and accommodating, so nice to get the time to explore the city in addition to being able to explore NEOCON at our own individual pace. I can tell there was a lot of thought, preparation and previous trip feedback taken into account on PFS's side in making the Neocon trip a wonderful experience."

“I never win anything! You don’t really know what to expect when something like this happens but I want you to know that your generosity was outstanding. You were awesome to take such great care of us in our travels, accommodations and in everything we did.”
“The trip was Great!!!”
“I am still talking about how fabulous our meals were each night.”
“Can I win again next year??”

Responses from 2013 Winners:

“I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful trip! It was such a treat to get to go to NeoCon and it was just made better by being with such a fun group.
“Thanks so much for a fun trip!”
“I had an amazing time! I have enjoyed meeting great people from all over and have thoroughly enjoyed spending it with the PFS family!”
“Thank you PFS for such a great trip!!”

Responses from 2012 Winners:

“This seemed like too much fun to possibly be a business trip. Thank you so much!”
“This was a fantastic trip. I can’t think of one thing that would have made it better.”
“It was a great trip and I really appreciate PFS taking me to Chicago and everything that went with it. Thank you very much.”